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How to Get Your own Virtual Top Up Website in 48 hours

It is no longer news that the Virtual Top Up Business is the business in vogue today. Even the banks are not excluded!

In June 2016, the analysis by Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) revealed that the average airtime revenue of the telecommunications per user is about N2,000 monthly. Also there are over 149 million active GSM lines (users) in Nigeria which has brought the monthly revenue to over N260 billion on the average.

What is Virtual Top Up

Virtual Top Up (VTU) is a digital way of selling airtime, paying bills automatically. So, Virtual Top up business simply means rendering the mentioned services (selling airtime, paying bills) and making money from it.

The common method of loading a phone with airtime is to buy a recharge card or voucher and then load it using a USSD code. e.g. *555*XXXXXX# for MTN subscribers. The other way is the digital method called Virtual Top Up (VTU). With VTU, the phone will be directly credited by the vendor and there will be no need for scratching a card.

Does Virtual Top Up also give Bonuses?

This is one of the major questions people ask about VTU.
Yes, because bonuses are determined by the service provider and your tariff. For instance, MTN gives customers on MTN Pulse free 10 MB of data for a recharge of N100.

Limitations of Recharge Card Printing and Business

  • Printing is not cost effective. You need to buy software, paper, fill your ink then maintain your computer and printer.
  • Printing is in denominations (100, 200 etc) in which you cannot even print all denominations but VTU allows you to dispense almost any amount even odd values!
  • VTU allows you to serve your customers with what they need and not what you have (printed). What if you have printed 10pcs of MTN 100 (N970) and you are have a client willing to buy GLO N1,000?
  • VTU is a mobile business because you can easily operate it from your phone. No need of carrying papers all about.

VTU is not LIMITED to airtime recharge but has also been extended to billing services such as;

  • TV subscriptions (DStv/GOtv, Startimes recharge etc)
  • Educational payments (WAEC result PIN checker)
  • Electricity payments (IBDEC, Ikeja, Eko etc)

Is Virtual Top Up Business Profitable?

Absolutely Yes. Virtual Top Up Business is highly lucrative.
Today, all banks are selling airtime via VTU channels, so if it’s not profitable all banks in Nigeria will not be doing it!

So, how do Virtual Top Up Distributors like Quickteller, Banks  and other online platforms make money?

It’s via discount.
VTU is purchased at discount and sold to other resellers or end users!

How can you start a Virtual Top Up Business?

The best way is to have your own Virtual Top Up website or platform to do the business.

With your own Virtual Top Up website, you can sell airtime and data bundles for GSM networks (MTN, Airtel, GLO, 9mobile), TV subscriptions (Startimes, GOtv/DStv), Educational (WAEC result PIN) and make money from it.

How to get your Own VTU Website

With Maidigitals and Mobile Airtime NG, you can get your own Virtual Top Up website and start your own business within 48 hours. You get all the technical jobs done for you while you focus on your business.

Features of the Virtual Top Up Website

Your own Virtual Top Up (VTU) website comes with full domain ( and hosting to sell airtime, data and bill payments directly to your customers, set your own prices, manage your users, get orders, credit members, view transactions, etc.

Benefits of having Your own Virtual Top Up Website

A Virtual Top Up (VTU) website is the fastest and easiest way to promote your Virtual Top Up business in the web space and make money online daily. Your virtual top up website will come with a wide range of benefits.

  • 4% discount on airtime top up for GLO i.e. You are charged N96 for GLO N100 airtime.
  • 2.5% discount on 9mobile VTU
  • 2.5% discount on data top up for Airtel, MTN, 9mobile data top up.
  • 2.5% discount on airtime and data top up for MTN
  • MTN data share as low as N550 for 1GB
  • Low fee on TV payments (Startimes, GOtv, DStv). The banks and Quickteller charge extra N100 on TV payments but with your own virtual top up website you are charged just N10.
    e.g. If you are paying for Startimes Nova N900, you will be charged just N910.
  • Create your own corporate customer and users
  • Manage Referrals and give bonuses as you wish.
  • Set discounts for your own customers as you wish.
  • Your customers will be able to buy airtime from you on your website.
  • Your customers can pay their TV subscriptions instantly on your website.
  • Your customers can purchase WAEC result PIN checker directly from you
  • Your customers can purchase data bundles from your website.
  • An easy and robust admin end to view transactions and manage your customers.
    *** Flexible admin manager to update the website.
    *** Add your own content to the home, about and contact pages
    *** Upload your own logo and pictures
    *** Update the slider on homepage.
    *** Update the background wallpaper as desired.
  • Your website will be connected to our stable vendor platform for proper management and security

What would your Virtual Top Up Website look like

Your Virtual Top Up website would be fully mobile responsive since most internet users surf the internet with their smart phones. See our partners top up website;,,

How to Manage Your Virtual Top Up Website

You can use any smartphone to manage your website. It is more easier to operate than WhatsApp, so you do not need any technical experience, computer or laptop.

Security and Up time of your Virtual Top Up Website

Your Virtual Top Up website will be hosted on a secured web server with 99.9% up time with trusted SSL installation.

How to get your own Virtual Top Up Business Website

You do not need any special registration and certificate to get started. You can just order directly here on Maidigitals and we will get it done for you in 48 hours.

Order for your Virtual Top up website on Maidigitals and get;

  • One year free domain and hosting
  • SSL certificate installation to secure your Virtual Top up website
  • N5,000 airtime bonus on your Virtual Top up website
  • Free step-by-step manual to manage your Virtual Top up website
  • Cheap yearly renewal which includes domain, hosting and SSL certificate

Click here to order for your Virtual Top Up Website now.

5 thoughts on “How to Get Your own Virtual Top Up Website in 48 hours

  1. Please I want to venture into Telecom/ data SME. How do I go about it?

    1. We are only into MTN data SME and not all telecom.
      MTN data SME is integrated into our virtual top up business website. See details here;

  2. Please sir, can the MTN Data share module be modified for me to be in charge of sharing it instantly to my customers from my own SIM if I order for the VTU website.

    1. Yes.
      We can work that out for you and you will be sharing the data manually from your SIM.

  3. How do I get connected to all operators? Not just MTN? Do you have vendors that can create such API?

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